Have A Problem? Ask Us, We Can HelpHave A Problem? Ask Us, We Can HelpHave A Problem? Ask Us, We Can Help

No Problems Nerja offers ex-pats a comprehensive range of advice and solutions to help deal with all aspects of Spanish bureaucracy. We can handle all your tax, accountancy, insurance, legal, and business needs.

No Problems Nerja can help with the following:-

• Tax returns for residents and non-residents
• Tax and social security advice and planning for residents and non-residents
• Personal, community and company accounts
• Home, car, travel and medical insurance
• Car importation and transfers, ITV test
• NIE, Residency applications and government paperwork in general
• Spanish will, help with the notary, land registery office and all types of legal documents
• Setting up a new business, including business licensing and accounts
• Architect’s plans, renovation projects large and small
• Translation services and document handling
• Property management, rentals and sales
• Any matters requiring contact with the town hall, telephone, electricity and water companies, police or guardia civil
• Assistance with production of correct paperwork and documentation for any of the above, where necessary

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