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Car Importation And Transfers, ITV Test

ITV And Car Importation Nerja

Importing A Car

If you are a non-resident of Spain, but from an EU member state, you can bring your car to Spain and use it without paying any taxes for up to 6 months. The vehicle must be road worthy and legal in the country where you came from. However you automatically become a tax-resident after being in Spain for 182 days in a year at which point you must officially import your car and get it transferred to a Spanish registration.

This can be a daunting process and the use of professional help is almost a necessity, unless you are patient and a very good Spanish speaker. No Problems Nerja can take care of all the paperwork and bureaucracy, getting your car legalised as quickly and painlessly as possible. Contact us for a competitive quote.

Ownership Transfers

In the UK the paperwork for buying or selling a car can be completed in a few minutes and sent off in the post. Here in Spain the process is more complex, with taxes to pay (along with any outstanding traffic fines), and you will have to go in person to “Trafico”. We can do this for you, saving you time and, more importantly, making sure your car is properly and legally transferred between owners. Contact us for more information.

ITV Test

The Spanish equivalent of the British MOT is the ITV which every car (or motorbike) over 4 years old has to have. The ITV test is carried out every two years for cars less than 10 years old and annually for cars over 10 years old. We can organise the test for you, taking the car to the test station, filling in the necessary paperwork and returning it to you when done. We can also advise you on where to get your car serviced if work is necessary.

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